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Freak Shoes had a chat with featured sneaker collector Sow. Manny Mujahid aka Sow is a sneakerhead from Atlanta, Georgia in the U.S., that has started a Youtube Channel, covering reviews, interesting stories behind different releases and entertaining facts about his personal journey in the sneaker world. Read in this interview about his channel and enthusiasm for kicks.

Hi Sow, introduce yourself in a few sentences?

Hey my name is Manny Mujahid aka Sow. I have a Youtube channel where I show my love and passion for sneakers. I am from Binghamton, New York but I currently live in Atlanta, Ga where the sneaker culture has blown up in last couple of years.

How did your sneaker passion start?

I ask my moms that question once and she told me she always keep me in fresh pair of kicks as a baby and she showed me pics of myself with Fila’s or Nike’s and Jordan’s on. But for me when I can remember really falling in love with shoes was middle school/high school I use to have hella amounts of fila’s like every color you can think of. Then one day I seen a kid skateboarding and I asked him what are those and he said Nike sb’s and after that I was hooked. That summer I bought so many sb’s and dunks.

You have a new Youtube channel “Sow’s Soles”. Tell us something about it and what people can expect in the future?

Yes I have a youtube channel it is called sow’s soles. It is my way to show people that are not fully sure on the sneakers they want to buy so I put out reviews on the new release before or on the day of the shoe drops so they can see how the shoe looks in hand, how it fits and is it worth the money they are asking for and if it has any resell value in case you want to sell it now or later down the line. I also do a series called fun facts where I give you detail and history behind sneakers. Like did you know that the Jordan 13 was the first Jordan model lunched on Jordan brand. 1-12 was lunched on nike. I see myself growing in the near future on youtube and getting 100,000 subs I am a ways away from that now but with hard work anything is possible. But I will like to get more vlogs out so the people watching my channel can get to know me a little more. Also work with more brands and I don’t care how big or small the brand it is as long it puts a positive light on both of us and that we can help people that are down on there luck.

What is your favorite sneaker in your collection?

Well I can say right now my favorite shoe is my wheat Jordan 1. It reminds me of home, when I am talking about home I mean New York. It is a all wheat suede high top sneaker that reminds me of a timberland boot.

If you have to choose only one Jordan 1 out of your collection, what would it be?

Ummm.. dang I love all my Jordan 1’s but I would have to go with my top 3 jordan 1 and the reason being I entered all the raffles around the city and I didn’t hit on any of them, so I gave up on them and later that night me and home boy jay was taking on the phone and he was like I know someone that can get you your size. So I had to wake up early the next day and stand in line for a couple of hours for the store to open and when I got to front of the line seen a shoe box that my name on it. So reason I picked this sneaker is because I had to do a lot of foot work and networking to get it.

What are the best seller/reseller sources you recommend?

To be honest I don’t resell any of my shoes if I spend my money on something I plan on keeping it for a long time or if I am going to get rid of it I will give it to a friend or trade it for something else I like. All these apps like goat or stock x have issues with a fake or two getting pass them stuff happens but I don’t want to be the person that gets that fake product and having to go thew the issue filing clam and dealing with the long process of waiting on my money so I just stick to the stores.

What will be the next shoe you pick up?

I have a lot of shoes I have in mind, such as the air Jordan 14 last shots or maybe some vans I been try to get more vans in my collection but I think it will be the air Jordan 3 flyknit 3. I think It is a very dope sneaker and it glows in the dark and it comes out in August right around my birthday so it will be a nice birthday shoe.

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